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We cooperate with more than 500 family-owned farms, farming cooperatives and large sugar beet producers. Production materials, goods and services are also purchased from domestic companies, while our customers are mostly large Croatian and foreign companies. Modern equipment for sugar production and packaging was bought in the EU, where we export most of our production of sugar from sugar beet. Since 2006, we are the partner of Pfeifer & Langen, third largest sugar producer in Germany.


In its business the Viro sugar factory relies on a very wide circle of domestic companies.

In contracting and procuring raw materials and sugar beet, Viro cooperates with more than 500 domestic farms, farming cooperatives and big beet producers such as Belje, Fermopromet, PP Orahovica, DIBA d.o.o. Suhopolje, PZ Čakovec etc.

In the preparation of sugar-beet production Viro contracts the procurement of the required production material, relying mostly on domestic producers such as Petrokemija Kutina, Agrokor, Chromos Agro, Hostonski d.o.o., Agrochem Max, Poljoopskrba Zagreb, KWS Sjeme Hrvatska, Gorup d.o.o. and others.

Large domestic suppliers of goods and services also include Croatian Railways, INA, Končar, Croatian Waters, Croatian Electric-Power Supply, ZM Montag, Đuro Đaković, CKTZ, Bel packaging, Bilokalnik, Agrokontrola, Luka d.d. Rijeka, Romić Promet etc.

Our biggest domestic customers are Konzum, Podravka, Cedevita, Kraš Zagreb, Mercator-H, Lidl and Billa.

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